Rick Crosby: A Kind Human Being & his Efforts


Is it enough to fulfil the needs of your loved ones or family members? Don’t you have any responsibility towards the society? Don’t you feel the pain of poor and needy? If no, then you don’t deserve to be a human being. We are no more humans. We are just bodies with mind, heart and flesh. A human being should understand the pain of other human beings. There are so many people who don’t even have time for their family members and they are busy in earning lots of money and spending it in travelling, luxuries and making lives more comfortable. Social duties are not their cup of tea. They are not aware of the pain of poor people and they don’t even think about the problems of others.

This is pathetic; almost every man and woman has become selfish. It sounds disappointing but some people like Rick Crosby still exist and represent the real example of humanity, kindness and honesty. Rick Crosby is a real estate developer famous for its noble act and successful career. He has completed many projects successfully. He is very hard working yet down to earth man. He has golden heart as he understands the pain of poor and needy people. He has done a lot for such people. He has inspired many poor kids to study and provided his helping hand in their education. He offered employment opportunities to poor yet eligible young guys and paid them handsome wages.

Rick Crosby has joined so many reputed trusts to help such people. He is like a super hero and a great mentor for so many people. His wife has also been supporting him for long time and helping people in all possible ways. They both are great example of humanity.

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Rick Lee Crosby Jr
Rick Lee Crosby Jr
He provides employment opportunities to lots of needy and poor people. He tries to get behind the eyeballs of others and feel their pain.


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