Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Kind and Golden Hearted Man

Things are not easy for poor and needy people. They have to face everyday struggle to fulfil basic needs. There are less number of people in this world, who understand the pain and struggle of such poor and needy people. They are helpless and that’s why sometimes they have to choose wrong direction. We are human beings if we can help each other, we should do. We can learn a lot from Rick Lee Crosby Jr, a real estate developer, rich, famous yet kind hearted. His life has become like a motivational chapter for so many rich guys who earn well but don’t spend them on improving lives of poor and needy people.

I have come across the life of Rick Lee Crosby Jr. He is such an amazing personality, his efforts to offer a good life to poor people are hard to mention by words. He has done a lot for people whom don’t even he knows. He has offered employment opportunities to the people who were going through bad phases of their lives. He has become mentor for so many people. He never does such noble acts for the sake of getting anything in return. He is like a pure soul with golden heart and pure mind.

He spreads positivity where he goes. He gets behind the eyeballs of others and tries to understand their pain. His wife has also been doing such activities for long time. They both have been leading simple lives. They are far apart from luxurious lives and helping others and improving their lives are the main aim that they both are living with. They both are also associated with so many charitable and reputed trusts work for poor and needy people. Hats off to both of them..

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Rick Lee Crosby Jr
Rick Lee Crosby Jr
He provides employment opportunities to lots of needy and poor people. He tries to get behind the eyeballs of others and feel their pain.


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