Why should Seashore Beach club your next destination?


Do you want to know what is good about Treasure Point Palawan? If yes, then this guide can help.


Treasure Point El Nido Palawan is one of the best properties in the island. They give an offer where you could be an exclusive member of the club, if you happen to purchase real estate in the area.


You can now avail major discounts of up to 50% if you get more members for the club. Who would ever want to miss out on the exciting activities such as water sports, diving, sports drive, restrobar facility, party times and all can be made available to you at nominal prices.


A seashore beach club which spoils with a province where the mountains meet the sea, its emerald colour undertones make it look as exotic as it could. Seashore Beach Club located in the island allows you to have a time of your life.


Imagine that you could laze around in a beach view room which could get exquisitely mesmerizing. Touted to be a competitor of Maldives, Palawan is one place which should always make to your travelling list.


One of the bests time to visit the island is from October to May. Tropical islands, sinkholes, lagoons, and crystal clear water, this archipelago is famous for its culinary delights. Seashore Beach Club promises to make you happy you with good quality food which is tough to miss.


Mouth watering sea food served in the quintessential Philippine style, isn’t that hard to say no to? Don’t wait longer, book your tickets now!A vacation spot with waterfalls, gardens and even a private beach, you get the best of both worlds at the most beautiful island on the planet. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query.


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