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Email has become a vital source of communication in day to day life. From organization to individual email has become an essential part which is irresistible. There are numerous email clients available to perform various functions such as emailing, maintaining contacts, web browsing, etc. Many users are shifting their emails clients to one another in order to improve better email communication and services. In this blog, we would be discussing the methods through which we can convert EML files to PST files formats in Outlook.

EML is the file format which is used by the number of email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and more, but, due lack of security features and services many user intents to shift EML to another file format such as Outlook PST file. To export EML file in Outlook PST file is difficult this is because both the email clients work on the same file format. Therefore in order to convert EML to PST file format, an alternative solution is required. Before moving any further we need to discuss about the reasons which lead to the conversion of EML to PST in details.

Reason for the conversion of EML to PST

Many reasons have lead to the conversion of EML to PST files which can be discussed as follow:

  • Outlook comes as a free email client which is a part of Microsoft clients which is not possible with most of the EML clients.
  • Due to corruption or crash of email data.
  • Deletion of configured email account of the user.
  • Outlook consist of better security files as compare to EML clients, therefore the  users need to access EML into PST.
  • EML to PST conversion is also required when the user tend to switches email clients from Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mails, etc. to MS Outlook for better accessibility.
  • When the users are fixing EML files, it gets easy to save EML files into PST format.

There are many reasons which may favor to convert EML to PST file format. Therefore in order to make this possible the use of EML to PST converter is necessary.

What are the methods to Converts EML to PST files format?

The conversion of EML to PST file format is comparatively a difficult task for the user which is due to the difference in their file format. In order to convert the EML to PST file format, two methods is available for the conversion of EML to PST file format.

  • Manual method
  • Third party Software solution or EML to PST converter.

·         Manual method for EML to PST conversion

1.    Open MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail on your system.

2.    On the screen of Windows Live Mail, click File >> Export >> Email messages

3.    Select Microsoft Exchange and click “Next”.

4.    A dialog box ‘Export Message’ appears.

5.    Click OK to proceed.

6.    Now, select folders or all folders which you desire to proceed and click OK.

7.    The wizard starts exporting.

8.    Once the process is over, ‘Export Complete’ message appears. Click the Finish button to end the process.


Since the manual method for the conversion of EML to PST files is not so effective and comes with drawbacks, therefore, we suggest the user opt for third-party software solution i.e. the EML to PST converter software.

Third Party method or EML to PST converter for the conversion of EML to PST file format.

Third-party software is the easiest and quickest way to convert EML format into PST format. They can convert EML to PST using three simple steps:-

  • Install the software from the site.
  • After the program has been installed. Open the software and go to add EML files in the ribbon bar.
  • After the EML file has been added the user need to select the EML file.
  • And Go to ribbon bar and select the Export to Outlook PST button.
  • After selecting on PST files the user. The dialog box will appear in which user are required to fulfill the details based upon Export Type, export target and export criteria.
  • After the detail have been fulfilled. Select the next button and wait for the process to get complete.
  • After the process has been completed select save report to save the report and then “Finish” the program.

The EML converter is the best solution to convert EML to PST. The software not only converts EML files to PST but is also capable of migrating EML to Live Exchange and Office365 environment. The software comes with the user-friendly interface which allows the non-technical user to work effectively with safer access. The free demo mode allows the user to assure the quality of the product and the integrity and accuracy of the software.

Hence, we conclude that since there is a need to convert EML files into PST file format. Thus we recommend EML to PST converter software as a proficient solution to convert EML to PST without any alteration of data. The software comes with comes with easy and swift access maintaining the hierarchy of the EML files. The software is safe with adequate result and guaranteed outcome.

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