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If a user is looking to convert Excel contacts into vCard format. He/she will find various solutions for this conversion but all the methods are not effective and perfect for the user needs. In this case, they start searching for the solutions and sometimes unable to meet their requirements. To make their task easier, we are providing here solution for the users to migrate Excel to VCF.

First, we talk about the manual solution which is a free. Manual solution to convert Excel file contacts to VCF has following main steps –

  • Exporting Excel file to CSV
  • Import contacts from CSV format
  • Convert Excel contacts into vCard format

These are the basic steps and these steps have further working which makes the entire task lengthy one and sometimes a user may get confused in the process.

Limitations of the manual technique

  • A long and time-consuming procedure
  • It is really a tedious task to perform the whole process
  • User may get confused with this method
  • Technically sound users are only capable to understand the method

Alternate solution – Excel to vCard Converter

Excel to vCard converter is an alternate solution which a user can use to convert Excel files into VCF format. The application has several features that make the conversion process easier for the users.

Quality features to migrate XLS file to VCF

  • Simple and easy to handle procedure
  • Only few steps working with the application
  • Load any size XLS file without any issues
  • Trouble-free and accurate results are gained
  • Unlimited Excel files are converted using license version
  • Work with all versions of Excel
  • Independent utility no need to install Office
  • Safe to use with no data loss
  • Free trial available for testing
  • Compatible to work on all Windows platform
  • Fast conversion without any delays
  • Facility to map the contacts as per your desire
  • Easy loading of Excel files with a single click
  • 24*7 customer support team to assist users

Working of the tool to import XLSX file to vCard

The application has only few steps working that any user can follow easily.
Step 1. Download and launch the application
Step 2. Loading Excel file
Step 3. Selection of Output location
Step 4. Click on the Convert Now button

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