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Shoviv Outlook Suite is an all in one Outlook PST management utility. It is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to recover and restore OST and PST files with absolute accuracy. If you are someone who has a large outlook PST database and wish to manage your PST files with high flexibility and multiple abilities, this is the best choice to make.

Manage all Outlook jobs in one go

Many times, Outlook users feel the need to add multiple Outlook mailboxes and to repair many PST files. Shoviv Outlook Suite is the perfect tool to do this quickly and efficiently. You can even compress the OST/PST files and repair OST/PST files to back them up safely. If you have duplicate entries and duplicate PST files, you can filter them out and get only unique PST files in your database.  It works with all versions of MS outlook and Live exchange.

100% Control over MS outlook application with Shoviv Outlook Suite

You can even add multiple mailboxes and export them to Live Exchange and new Outlook profile mailboxes without losing even a single email file. You can even export your OST/PST files to Office 365 as well as Outlook profile store. If you have already migrated some files and are migrating other files from the same database, you can filter and exclude the already migrated files. You can split and merge PST files with this Outlook suite flawlessly starting today.

Why use this Outlook Suite?

Here are the best features of Shoviv Outlook Suite that make it the best all in one Outlook management tool

1.      Add and Recover Multiple OST/PST files (Corrupted and Non- Corrupted)

This feature allows to add OST and PST files regardless of the fact that they are corrupted or not. It is rare for tools to have the ability to recover multiple corrupted files. That is why this tool is considered to be the best.

2.      Add Outlook Profile stores (Mailboxes)

With this Outlook suite, you can easily add multiple Outlook profile mailboxes. This shows that this utility is powerful and able to manage multiple mailboxes with flawless precision.

3.      Repair Multiple PST Files

Now you can really repair the PST files that have been lying corrupt in your database. This Outlook suite has the ability to repair multiple PST files so that you can get more work done and get back your important email data.

4.      Export OST/PST files in Live Exchange & Office 365 mailboxes with Mapping OST/PST file to Live Exchange & Office 365 mailbox

When we export our PST files to Office 365 and Live Exchange, there are chances of losing track of mailboxes. Shoviv Outlook suite can map the OST/PST files to particular Exchange and Outlook 365 mailboxes, simplifying the end results.

5.      Export OST/PST files in Outlook Profile Stores (Mailboxes) with Mapping OST/PST file to Outlook Profile Store (Mailbox)

If you are interested in exporting OST/PST files in Outlook profile mailboxes, you can now even map the OST/PST files to Outlook Profile store so that you are not confused with the end results. The folder mapping facility is highly useful for users with large databases.

6.      Export Outlook Profile stores (Mailboxes) in Live Exchange & Office 365 mailboxes with Mapping Outlook Profile store (Mailbox) folders to Live Exchange & Office 365 mailbox folders

This Outlook suite also allows you to migrate Outlook Mailboxes in Live Exchange and Office 365 with absolute precision. You also get the benefit of mapping the converted folders so that you can map and track the mailboxes effectively.

7.      Export Outlook Profile stores (Mailboxes) in new Outlook Profile Stores (Mailboxes) with folder mapping facility

8.      Save Outlook Profile stores (Mailboxes) and OST/PST file Items in MSG, EML, HTML etc format in Disk

This Outlook suite software provides you the ability to save OST/PST files in multiple formats like EML, MSG and HTML directly to the drive. This also provides the total control over your Outlook PST database and enables you to use it by saving it in multiple formats.

9.      Save Outlook Profile stores (Mailboxes) and OST/PST File Attachment in Disk

If you have important attachments in your Outlook mailboxes, you are going to love the Outlook suite by Shoviv. You can save all OST/PST outlook attachments in the hard drive without any effort.

10.      Export Outlook Profile store (Mailbox) and OST/PST file in Public Folder and Archive Mailbox of Live Exchange & Office 365

 Another amazing feature that you get with Shoviv Outlook Suite is the ability to export OST and PST files in the public folder of Live Exchange and Office 365 along with the archive mailboxes. This is definitely a feature that more Outlook users would want.

11.      Merge PST files

Do you have a cluttered database that has so many small PST files that you cannot manage them anymore? This Outlook suite specializes in merging PST files so that you can manage your database with utmost ease.

12.      Split PST file

Even if you have larger PST files that you want to split into smaller segments for work purposes, you can use Shoviv Outlook suite. The tool can quickly and safely split PST files whenever you want.

13.      PST file Compact & Compress

If you are someone who wants to keep the compressed files safe in your hard drive, you can make the PST files compact by compressing them into smaller bundles. This saves space and makes the PST file sharing easier.

14.      PST file duplicate remover

If you have files with similar content or duplicate content, you can use the PST duplicate file remover feature in the Outlook suite and get rid of the many duplicate files that might be bugging you.

15.      Item Preview

There is nothing better than knowing each part of your data management. If you are transferring your OST/PST files, there are chances that you might miss a few. To counter this, the Outlook Suite by Shoviv comes with an item preview feature that shows you the preview of folders/files and their contents. This ensures that you don’t miss even a single file during transfer or recovery.

16.      eDiscovery (Search) in Outlook profile stores & OST/PST File

You can search for items in OST /PST files and Outlook profile. This leaves no chance of data gone missing.

17.      Exclude & filter already migrated items during migration

This latest feature has been added to the benefits of this remarkable Shoviv Outlook suite. If you have already migrated some items in your database, this application allows you to filter and exclude the already migrated files. It make sure that you don’t get more duplicate files and get more copies of the same data. It is a blessing for users with large number of files.

Get its free trial today

The free trial of the Shoviv Outlook Suite is now available for download. The free trial lets you export 25 items per folder and allows you to save 25 items per folder in the free trial. Once you are sure that the tool works well, you can easily upgrade to the affordable full version which facilitates you unlimited access to all the amazing features. You also get 24*7 technical support and free updates for life.

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