Top 5 Ways to Open JPG/ JPEG Files in Windows

While Windows 10 comes with latest features that meet the top-notch technologies, it has certain limitations. If the settings are not properly configured then it shows error messages. One of the users ask solution to how to open JPG files in windows, a similar user also enquires that he cannot open JPEG files with windows photo viewer. To solve these problems first check whether the problem is with photograph or Windows. Users can go for the automated Photo Recovery Software or try manual methods.

To resolve the error ‘JPEG Files are not opening’ first look for the cause. Try to open the files in another system, if the picture is displayed then the error is in system settings else you need to repair the JPEG/ JPG File. Here are the top 5 ways to open JPG or JPEG files in windows.

Top 5 Methods to Open JPEG Files

There could be several reasons of file corruption, JPEG files could be recover manually and check steps how to open JPG files

Update the Windows Photo Viewer

Most of the times it happens that the tool we are using is not updated. So first, update the windows photo viewer and then try to open it. Applications can be updated from the control panel. You can also open the windows photo viewer>> go to settings and update it. Now open the JPEG files again in photo viewer to check issue is resolved or not

Give JPEG File a different Name

It is a common trick that can be used to open JPEG files. When you have downloaded a file and it is not opening then rename the JPEG file, but do not change the format. Renaming the file removes the sources that were causing the problem.

Clean Boot the System

Clean boot detects any system problem and then fixes it. Clean Boot is mainly required when there is a conflict between the software in system. This could be due to background applications, antivirus and any other application. Check out the steps how to clean boot system and open JPEG files in your system

  • Log in to your system as Administrator

  • Go to start and in the search box type msconfig and press enter

  • You will see the system configuration window

  • Click on the General tab and choose selective startup

  • Here checkmark Load System Services and original boot configuration. Uncheck Load Startup items box

  • Click on the Services tab and at the bottom of box check mark ‘Hide All Microsoft Services’

  • Now click on Disable All tab and then on OK button

  • Restart your computer and open the JPEG files

Run the sfc/scan in Command Prompt

If it seems there are some minor errors in the JPEG file then they can be fixed with SFC/scan now command

  • Go to Start and open CMD as administrator

  • Type the following command in CMD sfc/scan now and Enter

  • Once the command process is over restart your system

  • Now open the JPEG photo to check it is fixed

Photo Recovery Software

If the manual methods fail to open the JPEG files then the best option is to use Photo Recovery Software. It’s User interface makes it simple to use. Just upload the files in software and start the scan, it will detect the errors and fix them with its intelligent algorithm. The files will be repaired and you can view and open the JPEG files. Download Photo Recovery Software.

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