Use free Excel to vCard Converter to convert XLS/XLSX to VCF

There are multiple users who want to convert XLS to VCF. Whatever reason they have behind the conversion. The main issue is how to perform the conversion? To sort out this issue of the users, we have maintained a useful blog. You can have a look at this and resolve your problem of conversion XLS file to VCF.

Why transfer Excel data to VCF format?

In earlier times, the user stores their contacts and other information in Excel file but now VCF becomes a popular file format among users. Moreover, Excel file does not support with every application but with VCF, you can view your contacts to any platform like mobiles, iPhones, tablets and many more.

Suppose, you want to view contacts to your Android device and you have saved your contacts in Excel file. It is not possible for you to view the contacts till you convert them to VCF format. 

Need for Excel file to vCard Converter

Since there is no direct approach available to convert XLSX to VCF and users always prefer a quick and secure solution so this arises a need of an alternate solution and this need is totally fulfilled by Excel To VCF Converter. 

What makes Excel to VCF Conversion tool special?

The professional tool is compacted with several wonderful features that make the conversion smooth and quick. Due to its powerful working, the tool is popular among users.

  • Work with steps on finger count
  • Simple to use without any extra tool
  • Safe & virus-free application for conversion of XLSX to VCF
  • Unlimited contacts are exported once with no trouble
  • No data loss and corruption 
  • Desirable contacts are exported as per user choice
  • Work with all versions of Excel 
  • Permit working with any size Excel file
  • You can arrange contact details as per your needs
  • A free Excel to vCard Converter for testing


Working Procedure to convert XLS to VCF

  • After downloading and installing the software, locate Excel file for conversion
  • View entire details in Preview section
  • Map the contacts as you want them
  • Place a location of your choice to save the outcomes
  • Click on the Convert Now to start the process 


You can use the professional approach free Excel to vCard Converter to convert XLSX to VCF which is explained in this blog. However, we are not denying to use manual approach but advise you to use this professional and well-tested application for safe and quick conversion. 

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