We are supposed to help each other and love each other as we are human beings but we have done everything wrong. We have changed the way of living, we have turned to selfish, we have divided men and women on the basis of money and cast. We don’t care about poor and needy

  There are so many people in the world that have golden heart and serve society in a great way. Some people are empathetic and they can get behind the eyeballs of others. Let’s talk about such people. In today’s post, I would like to discuss about a rich and famous man who has achieved

  Is it enough to fulfil the needs of your loved ones or family members? Don’t you have any responsibility towards the society? Don’t you feel the pain of poor and needy? If no, then you don’t deserve to be a human being. We are no more humans. We are just bodies with mind, heart

  Rick Crosby is a famous name in real estate world. Many people know him just because of his professional success and projects he has completed successfully. But we recognize him just due to his noble deeds and kindness. This man has golden heart and he believes in humanity. He has achieved a lot of

  Helping others is a choice but Rick Crosby feels it a necessity. He thinks helping others offer you so much happiness and satisfaction. He helps others without expecting anything in return. He does not want fame or credit. Nowadays when people are busy in making their lives lavish and luxurious, Rick is like a

  There are so many ways that keep you happy and content but still people are not happy and satisfied with their lives. They feel the scarcity of so many things and when it comes to their satisfaction that is like a non-existent thing for them. Such people can learn so many things from a

  Many people believe in humanity and they don’t miss any chance to help others. Sometimes poor people need help and we should offer helping hand to them without expecting anything in return. I have heard and read a lot about Rick Lee Crosby, a real esate developer. He is famous, rich, kind yet down

  What if nobody thinks about poor and needy people? We are human beings and we should help and support each other. We should motivate others if we can. There are so many poor kids who feel offended when they face scarcity of various things in life. Some kind words can prove helpful to them.

  We come across so many problems in our lives and need someone to support us. Earlier people used to understand the pain of each other’s but nowadays things have changed. People have become heartless. They just think about their own problems and nobody cares about someone else’s problem. The issue of others lives is

  Human beings should love each other and help each other but nowadays this is hard to see and feel. People have become selfish and isolated; they don’t like each other and spread feeling of jealous and ego. Everyone wants to prove he/she better than others. People don’t feel the pain of others and want

  Happiness is not come after achieving a big goal; it comes with small things and accomplishments. Nowadays people are not happy and satisfied with their lives and they keep complaining for the things that they couldn’t achieve in their lives. Is only achievement deciding the happiness? Does money make us happy? No, this is

  Sometimes it seems that we are cheating on ourselves. Are we human being in real sense? What are our duties? Do we not understand the problems of other human beings? Yes, in this selfish world, human beings are no more human beings. They are not kind and generous. They don’t see the pain in

Life is uncertain and people keep thinking about saving their future. Nobody knows the future but still insecurities are more. People have become self centered and they keep thinking about their own luxuries and comforts. Nobody thinks about helping others or serving needy people. Money and time are really important things and nobody wants to

We are progressing at a very fast pace almost in all domains and sectors, let it be medical science, technology, electronics, real estate and lot more, the list is endless. At one hand, it is good as it leads to evolution of mankind. But, on the other hand, this progress has made us much more

Life is short and we should live it happily but lots of people are unhappy. They keep complaining, this is not a good sign. The main source of getting happy from inside is to help others like Rick Lee Crosby Jr. He is a real estate developer who has achieved lot of fame, money and

Things are not easy for poor and needy people. They have to face everyday struggle to fulfil basic needs. There are less number of people in this world, who understand the pain and struggle of such poor and needy people. They are helpless and that’s why sometimes they have to choose wrong direction. We are